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How To Lower My Cell Phone Bill

If you are in the poor to the middle class you can’t afford to pay too much for your cell phone service. When you have a job that pays low wages, you must learn to be frugal with your money. If you are asking how you can lower your cell phone bill, we have some answers. We came across a website that has all kinds of ideas for people in different situations. The site is www.cheap-cellphone-plans.com and they review all sorts of plans that will save you money. Most of these plans are known as pay as you go or prepaid cell phone plans. This means you buy a phone that is one or two generations old for very little money or you buy a newer phone for the full price of the phone and then you pay monthly, before each month starts, or whenever your start date is.

Our first recommendation gives you unlimited talk and text for just $10 per month. The service is called Republic Wireless. It is a hybrid type cell phone plan, using both cell phone towers and WIFI for calls, text, and more. The $10 a month plan does not include data. However, you can use the web with your WIFI. This service doesn't requre a contract, so they have to earn your service. You do have to buy a cell phone, normally starting around $100 to $150. You get a nice smart phone that is fairly current with a good size screen. If you decide you need data, you can get unlimited 3G data for just $25 per month, or you can get their top line phone with 4G data for $40 per month. This is a great way to cut your cell phone bill each month and save hundreds of dollars per year.

The service that looks really good for moderate to high usage is called Straight Talk. They offer two different plans. One is $30 per month and is for a regular cell phone. It gives you 1000 minutes and 1000 text messages per month. This plan isn’t available on a smart phone, but if you only need a phone for talk and text, this can save you hundreds of dollars per month. Their other plan is for people who want a smart phone and want to have unlimited talk text and web. The price is just $45 per month. This plan can also save you several hundred dollars per year over a comparable post paid plan. Compared to a Verizon Wireless plan that offers you the same you could save $540 per year or over $1000 during the time of a two year contract you would have to sign with Verizon Wireless.

The site also talks about a prepaid plan with T-Mobile. If you don’t use your phone very many days out of the month, it is a really good deal. For just $1 per day and 10 cents per minute you can send as many text messages as you want on the days you use your phone and pay for your calls. If you only use your phone five days out of the month and talk for 100 total minutes, you would be looking at just $15 for the entire month. Now for just $2 per day you use your phone you get unlimited talk and text on the days you use it. With this scenario, if you could talk several hundred minutes during five days of usage and you would only pay $10 for the entire month. These are great plans for those people who don’t use their cell phones every day, but when they do use it, they use it a lot. Lastly, they have a $3 per day plan that gives you unlimited talk, text, and web on the days you use your phone.

If you are a low wage worker, you cannot afford to waste money on your cell phone bills. These ideas and others can save you lots of money on your cell phone bill over the course of the year. Make the change today.