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I Need a Better Paying Job

With the labor situation in America like it currently is, many people are telling themselves, “I need a better paying job.” The cost of living isn’t getting any cheaper for most of us and median income has been dropping over the past five years. With all the actions of the Federal Reserve inflation is already underway and will eventually get much worse. Plus, with so many people out of work, employers don’t have to offer top dollar to employees. So what should you do? First of all, do not quit your current job. For whatever reason, there is a psychological edge in getting a better job if you already have a job. Secondly, you need to look at your skill set and find available work that would be a good match. Unless you are already unemployed, I wouldn’t recommend job training or school. Too many people end up with loads of debt and then are not even rewarded with a job that allows them to pay it back.

If you live in a town where an oil boom is taking place, becoming a carpenter might be a good option for you. Obviously you need some experience with woodworking. However, if you have this, making $20 per hour isn’t a bad gig for a job that doesn’t require a ton of education. On the downside, nationwide there are a lot of carpenters that are out of work. Plus, the job is very cyclical, meaning it might not be the best long term answer.

If you don’t have a criminal record and especially if you have served in the military, learning how to become a police officer could be a great choice for you. While it is a dangerous job, there are lots of great perks, headed up by retirement after just twenty years. There are different requirements in many states, however, overall most of the requirements are fairly similar nationwide.

Becoming a real estate agent could be an excellent choice if you are organized, good with people, and willing to work strange hours. I have seen some pretty bad agents out there, so making an effort and doing the little things can make a big difference. The downside to this is it takes time to build a clientele; however the upside is that housing sales are really picking up all over the country with low interest rates. If you decide to do this, you will need to learn some basic skills. Most of all, you will have to sell yourself to possible clients before you can sell their house.

 If you like serving people and have great people skills becoming a server at a busy restaurant could be a great choice. If you work hard and keep people happy your tips can help propel your minimum wage work into a pretty good paying job. The negative to this is the poor economy. Many people are still eating out less which has led to lots of restaurants closing over the past several years. However, if you can land a job at a good restaurant, this could still be a good alternative to some other lower paying jobs.

Joining the Military is a viable option for a lot of people. While the pay isn’t great you are able to get a lot of great on the job training. Plus, you can get money to go to college to harness important life skills that can serve you well when looking for a better job. This isn’t for everyone. However, it could be a great alternative when you compare it to going into huge debt and going to school on your own.

Finally, and perhaps the best way to find a better job is to look internally where you work now. Show your supervisors that you are willing to do more. Tackling extra projects with your current employer will show them that you have the drive and talent to exceed at your current job. When a better position opens up, many employers like to promote from within. I have always believed that this is the best way to find a better job for yourself. Create your own opportunities. Whatever situation you find yourself in you need to take ownership of your own situation. Avoid making excuses as they can only keep you down. Instead, look at yourself as a hard working, successful person who is ready for anything. This will help you find a better job.